Biocomposites announces U.S. launch of new STIMULAN® Rapid Cure 3cc product

Targeting smaller voids in foot and ankle, orthopaedic reconstruction and trauma


Uniquely engineered for the precision and control you demand every time

Bullet Mat and Introducer

Streamlined, flexible design that simplifies delivery of STIMULAN into hard-to-reach defects.

Perfect partner for cases with an infected site

STIMULAN is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate precision engineered to complement your dead space management – may help to improve surgical outcomes and lower overall costs of care.

  • Cleared for placement directly at site of infection in bone voids and defects¹

Consistency is hard earned and uniquely achieved

STIMULAN is uniquely engineered through our DRy26™ recrystallization method.2 Each and every synthesis undergoes a 26 step process that starts with pharmaceutical grade precursors and takes over 6 weeks to reach maturity.

Properties that drive performance

The unique crystal configuration and construction of STIMULAN brings its own set of qualities to fully support your infected cases.

  • Controlled purity
  • No hydroxyapatite, insoluble impurities or PMMA debris
  • Hydrophilic

See the STIMULAN difference in your cases

  • Truly absorbable1, 3-9
  • Optimal absorption profile1, 3-9
  • Reliable setting time9
  • Does not cause third body damage10-12
  • Does not prevent use in articulating surfaces10-12
  • Does not act as a nidus for infection1, 3-8
Truly absorbable and totally synthetic calcium sulfate – absorbs at an optimal rate

Leaves no nidus for infection.

1 month
11 weeks
6 months
Hydrophilic for fast, easy mixing

No soaking required

STIMULAN - mixes with liquid
Competitor calcium sulfate - repels liquid
No third body damage to articulating surfaces

Less scratching than competitor calcium sulfate

STIMULAN does not damage total knee replacements when trapped between the articulating surfaces of the implant

Microscope images (x6.5) of a cobalt chrome plate following damage simulation(360,000 cycles) with third body particles trapped between it and an articulating UHMWPE pin

Competitor calcium sulfate

Unrivaled evidence and expertise bring confidence

With our industry-leading knowledge, dedication and experience, you can be sure that the high level of consistency you demand in your cases will be met.

Case-by-case flexibility

Every part of STIMULAN has been designed to provide simplicity, intra-operative flexibility and optimum results. A variety of formats are available, all convenient and fast to set

No challenge too large or small

Introducing the new STIMULAN Rapid Cure 3cc pack size with combination bead and bullet mat for smaller void volumes.

  • Versatile application
  • Full range of bead and bullet sizes
  • Reduce waste
STIMULAN® products
STIMULAN® Bullet Mat and Introducer

Innovative design that simplifies delivery into hard-to-reach defects.

  • Bullets have a groove down one side to reduce the risk of pressurizing the defect site
  • Bullets can be prepared in two diameters – 7mm and 9mm
STIMULAN® Rapid Cure

Rapid setting paste with individual bead kit.

  • Beads can be prepared in three sizes;
    3, 4.8 and 6mm
  • Available in 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 20cc packs (bead volume 7cc, 12cc, 25cc and 50cc)
  • Rapid setting in approx. 4 minutes

Standard setting, fully injectable paste with individual bead kit.

  • Beads can be prepared in three sizes;
    3, 4.8 and 6mm
  • Available in 5cc and 10cc packs (bead volume 10cc and 20cc)
  • Standard setting in approx. 8 minutes
STIMULAN - power to transform
STIMULAN Bullet Mat and Introducer technique guide
How to prepare STIMULAN Rapid Cure
Hear what surgeons have to say about STIMULAN
Dr Hohman case study - tibial osteomyelitis
Dr Wassef case study - infected hip revision
Dr Webb case study - bilateral high energy femoral fractures
Hear what surgeons have to say about STIMULAN

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For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use. Concurrent use of locally administered antibiotics may affect setting time.
This brochure may include the use of STIMULAN or techniques that go beyond the current clearance/approval granted by the relevant regulatory authority. Please contact your local representative for further information.
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