Synthetic bone substitute

Allogran-R is a fully absorbable β tri-calcium phosphate. Its irregular particles, when combined with saline or blood, assume a cohesive regenerative matrix for the treatment of trauma, spine and non-unions:

• Engineered porosity for complete absorption in 6–12 months

• Osteoconductive

• No risk of disease transmission

• Elimination of donor site morbidity

Allogran-R is supplied sterile for immediate use and is available in 5cc and 10cc packs.

Image: Electron micrograph showing microporous structure of Allogran-R granules.

Engineered for absorption

Biocomposites, through its proprietary process, has engineered a multiporous granular matrix with outstanding biocompatibility, which is truly absorbable through the process of dissolution and cell mediation.


Frequently asked questions
What is Allogran-R indicated for?

To fill a bone void or defect created by:

  • surgery
  • a cyst
  • a tumour
  • osteomyelitis or other traumatic injury
What is Allogran-R® contraindicated for?
  • filling of defects which are intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure
  • defects which require the granules to be crushed
  • severe vascular or neurological disease
  • sites with vascular impairment
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • metabolic or systemic bone disorders
  • pregnancy
  • uncooperative patient who can’t or won’t follow post-operative instructions including individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol
  • hypercalcaemia
  • where soft tissue coverage is not possible
  • infected sites

References and regulatory statements

For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use.

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