SYNICEM™ for kyphoplasty

For the percutaneous treatment of vertebral body fractures


SYNICEM KYP is an acrylic bone cement for the treatment of vertebral bodies with structural alterations due to osteoporosis, and selected tumour infiltration (benign or malignant), vascular malformations and trauma cases by means of the endovertebral instrument technique (balloon kyphoplasty).


The SYNICEM KYP System is designed for use in the percutaneous treatment of vertebral body fractures, with the aim of restoring the height of the vertebral body and creating a cavity for the injection of bone cement.  The system enables you to treat more than one vertebra in the same procedure.

In the pack
1 Bone punction cannula 3 mm x 150 mm
1 Kirschner Guidewire 2mm diameter
1 Chuck for Kirschner guide wire, with clamping jaw.
1 Surgical hammer
1 Kyphoplasty cannula 4 mm x 150 mm
1 Drill
1 Kyphoplasty balloon 10 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm
1 Ballon inflation syringe with manometer
3 Bone fillers
1 Cement mixing bowl
1 Cement mixing spatula

The accessories from the SYNICEM KYP System Set are also available as individual components.