Careers at Biocomposites
Careers at Biocomposites

About us

Biocomposites is an international medical device company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue.

Based in Keele, UK, with global operations across Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, China and India, we help more than 1 million patients in 100 countries every year.

Our people

Our people and their passion is unrivalled.  From hiring the finest talent and creating opportunities to thrive and grow – to inspiring future leaders and winning together.

In every department we strive to raise our level of performance, to innovate and grow.  We are clear and aligned in our aims and responsibilities – and open minded to evolving the way we work.

This applies to the whole company – top to bottom – coming together as one:

one vision, one goal, one team, one culture, one company, one Biocomposites.



Innovative technologies

At Biocomposites, we are pioneering products for use in bone and soft tissue infection.  From calcium compound devices to carry antibiotics in bone and soft tissue to treat bacterial infection – to bone cements and antibiotic loaded spacers.

With over 30 years’ experience of manipulating the surface chemistry and crystalline properties of calcium compounds, and 65 years of core polymer production and formulation, we engineer and manufacture products at the forefront of biologics technology.

Our broad spectrum of products saves limbs and lives, providing surgeons with life-changing solutions in musculoskeletal infection, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle and sports injuries.

As an international company and leader in our field, our success is routed in our curiosity, our drive to innovate, to challenge convention and consistently deliver exceptional products.

Investment in research and development

Investment in Research and Development is critical to our ongoing success. We have several new products in the pipeline, along with enhancements to our existing market-leading products.

This year, we took a big step forward in the development of a new drug device combination product, STIMULAN VG, by commencing a Phase II clinical trial with patients. STIMULAN VG, which is STIMULAN mixed with vancomycin and gentamicin, aims to treat diabetic foot osteomyelitis – with the potential to transform outcomes and positively impact many patients’ lives.


People are at the heart of what we do.  If you have the desire, passion and skills, we have the opportunity.  Find out more about our current vacancies and how to apply by choosing a link below: