spacer antibiotic

Preformed, antibiotic loaded shoulder spacer to maintain space and aid treatment of infection

Specifically designed to support your management of infection in shoulder revision

Combining convenience, structural uniformity and stability, whilst delivering a high local concentration of gentamicin.
SYNICEM™ SHOULDER SPACERS reliably stabilise the shoulder, while maintaining the articular space, limb length and muscle structure.6

  • Precision engineered for consistency and structural uniformity
  • Designed for dynamic movement and stability
  • Preloaded with gentamicin to aid treatment of infection
  • Case-by-case flexibility and time-saving

Precision engineered for consistency and structural uniformity

Strictly controlled manufacturing conditions minimise the risk of mechanical failure by eliminating unwanted variation in the shape and
structural integrity of the base material.

  • Perfectly spherical and polished finish of the humeral head prevents bone stock wear6
  • Intra-operatively prepared spacers are time consuming to make and prone to fracture.1

Designed for dynamic movement and stability

Designed to maintain articular space, limb length and muscle structure after removal of the original implant.6

  • Uniform stainless-steel core to increase mechanical resistance
  • Suture anchor points allow rotator cuff to be secured to the spacer

Preloaded with gentamicin to aid treatment of infection

The spacer yields a high local concentration of gentamicin while maintaining low systemic levels to aid the treatment of infection.6

Case-by-case flexibility and time-saving

A comprehensive range of sizes and styles provide case-by-case flexibility, with a reusable spacer tray available to ensure you select the correct size every time.6

  • No moulding required


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For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use. Concurrent use of locally administered antibiotics may affect setting time, absorption characteristics and/or bone formation. It is the surgeon/healthcare professional’s responsibility to give due consideration to the details in the medicinal product marketing authorization in deciding whether it is appropriate for the patient under his/her care. The relevant Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) must be consulted. The type and dose of medicinal substance should also be assessed according to the individual patient’s clinical circumstance.
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