Pioneering products for use in infection

Synimed, manufacturer of SYNICEM™ joins the Biocomposites Group

In 2022, Synimed became part of the Biocomposites Group. Bringing together Synimed’s SYNICEM product range and Biocomposites products, created an unrivalled portfolio of pioneering products for use in bone and soft tissue infection.  Based in Keele, UK, with global operations across Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, China, India and Italy our specialist calcium compounds, bone cements and polymer related products are used in over 1 million procedures in 100 countries every year.

SYNICEM™ Spacers

Preformed Spacers to maintain space and aid in the treatment of infection.

SYNICEM™ bone cement for orthopaedics

Acrylic bone cement for bone cementation and prosthesis fixation.

SYNICEM™ antibiotic loaded Intra-medullary nails

Antibiotic loaded intra-medullary nails designed to treat infected diaphyseal fractures in the femur and tibia.

SYNICEM™ for kyphoplasty

SYNICEM bone cement and kyphoplasty balloon set for filling vertebral cavities.

SYNICEM™ for vertebroplasty

SYNICEM bone cement, mixing and application systems for vertebroplasty procedures.

SYNICEM™ for cranioplasty

SYNICEM bone cement and custom made implants to repair cranial and facial bone defects.

SYNICEM™ mixing & delivery

Single use and reusable mixing and delivery systems to support the SYNICEM™ product range.