Why Biocomposites?

Deep expertise and singular focus on
calcium compound medical devices.

Bringing calcium to life®

At Biocomposites, we are pioneering calcium compound devices to regenerate bone and carry antibiotics in bone and soft tissue. With over 30 years’ experience of manipulating the surface chemistry and crystalline properties of calcium compounds, we engineer and manufacture products at the forefront of calcium technology.

Our innovative calcium compound devices range from bone grafts to antibiotic carriers for use in bone and soft tissue. Possessing unique characteristics for regenerating bone and managing infected sites, our products are opening new possibilities for surgeons around the world.

Our products are tried and trusted around the world to change lives. We believe that much of our success, in over 40 countries worldwide, is due to the confidence our surgeons have in our quality control – enabling us to create products of unrivaled quality and performance.

Singular focus

With a singular focus on developing innovative calcium compound medical devices, Biocomposites has gained a deep expertise in musculoskeletal infections, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, and sports injuries. Connected with universities and hospitals around the world, Biocomposites continues to innovate in infection management to support surgeons and their patients.

Proprietary technology

We pride ourselves on our power to innovate. This focus and ongoing investment in proprietary technologies has driven our teams to push the frontiers of calcium compound medical devices at every stage – with over 100 grants and registrations of IP, a strong R&D pipeline, and a string of world firsts.

Dedicated to quality

We understand the importance confidence plays in selecting surgical devices. This is why we underpin all our product development with a dedication to quality. Quality people, processes and safeguards that meet and exceed medical standards, right through manufacturing, processing, testing and distribution. All handled in-house to ensure reliable, predictable and reproducible clinical performance.

Hear what surgeons have to say about Biocomposites
Hear what surgeons have to say about Biocomposites

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