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genex is a catalyst for bone healing. It complements the body’s natural healing processes and encourages normal bone structure to be restored at a steady rate. Over 12 months, the graft matrix is completely absorbed and replaced by bone.1,2 No foreign artifacts are left behind to impair structural integrity.

  • Approved for bony voids and defects that are not intrinsic to structural stability.

Designed to be completely absorbed and leave no trace

genex is a precisely balanced β-tricalcium phosphate/calcium sulfate hemihydrate compound with distinct design properties:

  • Contains no hydroxyapatite (HA)
  • Negatively charged surface chemistry

genex provides a powerful scaffold for accelerated bone restoration and helps to hinder soft tissue ingrowth:

  • Fully absorbed within 12 months1,2
  • Enhances osteogenic response3
  • Restores strong healthy bone2,4
Completely absorbed within 12 months

genex contains no hydroxyapatite. HA can only be absorbed at 1–2% per year5

Large animal model. Decalcified histology H & E stain

8 weeks
16 weeks
36 weeks
Restores strong healthy bone within a clinically relevant timeframe

genex restores bone to normal trabecular structure in 36 weeks1

Tibial plateau fracture
15 months
Enhances the osteogenic response to accelerate bone growth – 5x normal levels


Versatility at your fingertips

genex is versatile and easy to prepare. It comes as a paste or putty in a range of volumes. The paste sets within 15 minutes, at body temperature, and can be digitally implanted or injected in difficult-to-reach sites, or minimally invasive procedures.

genex® products

Setting paste for molding, injecting and packing

  • Available in 5cc and 10cc packs
  • Sets in approximately 15 minutes
genex® ds

Setting paste for difficult to reach surgical sites

  • Available in 2.5cc and 5cc packs
  • Sets in approximately 15 minutes
genex® putty

Non-setting putty that requires no mixing

  • Available in 2.5cc, 5cc and 10cc packs
  • Non-setting
genex - power to restore without leaving a trace
How to prepare genex
How to prepare genex ds
The science of genex

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References and regulatory statements

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For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use.

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