The popularity of spine surgery differs around the world. The number of procedures performed in the USA is double the number performed in Western Europe, Canada and Australia combined, and five times the number in the UK.

In the USA, the number of spinal fusion procedures increased by 64% between 2002 and 2014, from approximately 268,000 to 414,000. The average cost per procedure has increased from $15,868 to $28,954 over the same period and was more than $12 billion in total in 2014.1

Fusion procedures in the USA1


Spinal fusion is a major surgical procedure that joins two or more vertebrae together into one solid bony structure, treating spine instability and reducing pain. This may be achieved through bone graft alone or in conjunction with hardware to hold the vertebrae in alignment while fusion occurs.

A safe and effective synthetic biomaterial can help improve surgical outcomes and reduce the costs and complications associated with autograft harvesting or osteoinductive proteins.

Biocomposites has pioneered the development of calcium-based composite materials with improved mechanical properties, to give support during the healing period, offer improved biocompatibility during absorption and allow healing by bony growth.

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