Transform diabetic foot ulcer

Courtesy of Michelle Goodeve, Senior Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist, Essex, UK
Products: STIMULAN®
Clinical history
54-year-old male with a history of Type II diabetes, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (now clear), hypertension, high cholesterol and a right knee arthroplasty. The patient presented as an inpatient with clinical signs of sepsis in his left heel following an injury at home. The wound was twice treated with larval therapy and the patient was provided with an offloading boot.
After the 2nd larval therapy, the patient’s C-reactive protein (CRP) and white cell count (WCC) levels were reducing and the wound was packed with STIMULAN mixed with gentamycin. 2 - 3 weeks post application, the macerated tissue surrounding the wound continued to reduce. The wound continued to decrease in size after 6 weeks.
At 5 months, the wound had healed and the patient and healthcare professionals were happy with the outcome. The patient commented that once STIMULAN was used, his wound remained clean, infection and odour free and this had a very positive impact on his quality of life.

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