10 Nov 20
10 Nov 20

Transformational year for Biocomposites

STIMULAN - the first calcium matrix to receive European approval as an antibiotic carrier for use in bone and soft-tissue, appointed new President, Biocomposites Inc., USA and significantly extended global distributor coverage

Biocomposites, an international medical devices company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue, is pleased to announce the following business update.

It has been a transformational year for Biocomposites. Against the backdrop of the pandemic and Brexit, Biocomposites’ lead product STIMULAN became the first calcium matrix to receive European approval as an antibiotic carrier for use in bone and soft-tissue. The product is approved for mixing with vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin and can be placed directly into infected and non-infected sites. The global increase in infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria has required more targeted antibiotic treatment. STIMULAN® carries high concentrations of antibiotic to the point of infection at levels unachievable systemically – which lowers rates of reinfection, saves costs and improves patient outcomes – filling a major unmet medical need.

Biocomposites’ products have long been favoured by US hospitals and surgeons, and demand is rapidly growing. Will Connelly joined in April 2020 as President, Biocomposites Inc. to focus on reconstruction, spine, trauma and foot and ankle, throughout the Americas. This was timely, following the March 2020 US launch of STIMULAN® Rapid Cure 3cc product, designed specifically for smaller voids in foot and ankle, orthopaedic reconstruction and trauma procedures, and the securing of a new contract with HealthTrust covering 25% of its target market.

Success continued in June 2020, when the company announced that its STIMULAN® and genex® products had been added to the UK’s NHS Supply Chain’s Total Orthopaedic Solutions 2 (“TOS2”) framework agreement, the new single source for NHS Trusts to purchase orthopaedic products. The NHS chose Biocomposites as the only supplier capable of providing a calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier. In terms of health systems around the world, the NHS is the biggest health organisation, and chooses products that offer the best balance of efficacy and value.

Demand for Biocomposites’ products continues to increase around the world. Delivering on a strategy to partner with key players in priority markets,  Biocomposites has signed new exclusive agreements with LifeHealthcare in Australia, Al Mafsal Medical in Saudi Arabia, Ortomedic in Norway, HMS Pharma in Hungary, Biomedica UAB in the Baltic region and iMove Medical in the Netherlands and Belgium – all to distribute its STIMULAN® and genex® products for surgical use in musculoskeletal infections, trauma, spine and foot and ankle.

STIMULAN® is already used in over 50,000 cases every year and in thousands of hospitals around the world.

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About Biocomposites

Biocomposites is an international medical devices company that engineers, manufactures, and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue. Based in Keele, UK, it has global operations across Europe, USA, Canada, China, and India. Biocomposites is a world leader in the development of innovative calcium compounds for surgical use. Its products regenerate bone and target infection risks across a variety of specialties, including musculoskeletal infection, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, podiatry, and sports injuries. Biocomposites products are now used in over 120,000 procedures per annum and sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Please visit to learn more.

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