Percutaneous Injectable Synthetic Calcium Sulfate for the Enhancement of Percutaneous Spinal Fusion

Stathakopoulos, D. P. and I. M. Kyratzoulis (2007). (Poster presentation) Injectable and Implantable Biomaterials and Biologics for Tissue Regeneration 17th Interdisciplinary Research Conference on Biomaterials. St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK., Tissue Engineering. 13: 1367 -1392.
Products: STIMULAN®
This poster presents a case of percutaneous spinal fusion with percutaneous application of injectable synthetic calcium sulfate. A 46-year-old male underwent percutaneous L4-S1 posterolateral spinal fusion for L5 spondylolysis with STIMULAN Kit injectable paste. The fusion site was curetted, to enable extraction of the periosteum and contact between STIMULAN and the bone. STIMULAN was introduced using a syringe with a radiopaque extension. Three months postoperatively the patient is pain free and returned to his previous activities. Radiography and CT scans showed successful solid spinal fusion with complete resorption of STIMULAN and its replacement with newly formed bone. This case demonstrates that percutaneous application of injectable STIMULAN paste is a safe and effective method to enhance percutaneous spinal fusion procedures.

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