15 Dec 21
15 Dec 21

A year of international growth and product advancement

Expansion into new geographies and enhanced approval for STIMULAN to treat bacterial infection

Keele, UK, 15 December 2021 – Biocomposites, an international medical devices company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue, is pleased to provide the following business update.

Enhanced approval for STIMULAN in Canada and Saudi Arabia
In 2021, STIMULAN® products gained a new approval in Canada for mixing with antibiotics: vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin, for use in treating bacterial infection in soft tissue surrounding bone.  This was followed by a new approval in Saudi Arabia for STIMULAN® to be mixed with antibiotics for use in bone and soft tissue.

STIMULAN® is the only calcium matrix antibiotic carrier with an EU approval for use in bone and soft tissue and offers surgeons the flexibility to apply broad spectrum ‘off-the-shelf’ antibiotics at concentrations that will support their patient-specific treatment plans – dramatically improving patient outcomes and redefining standard of care.

Expansion into new geographies
Demand for Biocomposites’ products continued to increase around the world. Biocomposites expanded its reach in Europe and Asia by signing distribution agreements with NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics in Germany, Novomedics in France, Toromedical in the Balkans and Montsmed in Hong Kong to sell both STIMULAN® and genex®.

Unrivalled levels of research and evidence
Biocomposites presented research at prestigious events attended by leading clinicians from around the world, including the Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference; the Musculoskeletal Infection Society’s 31st Annual Open Scientific Meeting; the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (AAOS); the 39th Annual Meeting of the European Bone & Joint Infection Society (EBJIS); and Wounds Canada National Meeting. The data presented demonstrated the antimicrobial effectiveness of STIMULAN® mixed with antibiotics against complex multispecies in-vitro biofilm, enabling targeted antimicrobial treatment to combat post-operative infections.

Commitment to wound care with appointment of new UK Sales Director
Biocomposites announced the appointment of Davina Lawrence as National Sales Director, UK, to drive expansion and advance Biocomposites’ wound care strategy in the UK. Good early progress was made with clinicians starting to intervene earlier in diabetic foot ulcers as part of a multi-disciplinary team focused on wound care. Diabetic foot ulcers alone cost the NHS more than £1.1bn a year, with 38% of community patients unhealed after 12 weeks and 36% going on to require hospitalisation.

Companion App launch – the first of a new generation of user apps
Biocomposites launched Biocomposites Companion to help surgeons and their support staff make the most of Biocomposites products, STIMULAN® and genex®, at the point of use in a surgical procedure. The app gives them access to important information on demand as they develop and execute their patient specific infection management strategies.

Commenting on Biocomposites’ performance this year, Michael Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomposites, said: “We have continued to execute on our strategy of developing and delivering cost effective, first-in-class products that enable surgeons to improve patient outcomes, while helping to combat the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. Our expanding distributor footprint and enhanced STIMULAN® approvals – that more accurately reflect how surgeons use our product – enable more patients in more countries to achieve better outcomes.”

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Biocomposites is an international medical device company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue. Based in Keele, UK, it has global operations across Europe, USA, Canada, China and India. Biocomposites is a world leader in the development of innovative calcium compounds and polymers for surgical use. Its products regenerate bone and target infection risks across a variety of specialties, including musculoskeletal infection, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, podiatry and sports injuries. Biocomposites products are now used in over 1 million procedures per annum and sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Please visit to learn more.

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