5 Oct 23
5 Oct 23

Biocomposites to host a symposium and present new STIMULAN® data at the European Bone and Joint Infection Society Annual Meeting

• Abstract demonstrates efficacy of combination antibiotics with STIMULAN beads compared to intraarticular concentrations of IV antibiotic alone

• Mr. Robert Morley and Dr. Yvonne Achermann to speak on the merits of local antibiotic delivery

Keele, UK, 5 October 2023 – Biocomposites, an international medical devices company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue, today announces it will be hosting a symposium and presenting new data at the upcoming 41st Annual Meeting of the European Bone & Joint Infection Society (EBJIS) in Basel, Switzerland, 12-14 October 2023.

Findings from the study demonstrate the efficacy of STIMULAN® beads, when combined with vancomycin and gentamicin, in combating antibiotic tolerant biofilm-like aggregates.

Specifically, the research findings have shown that:

  • Vancomycin-gentamicin loaded STIMULAN beads are significantly more effective at clearing both planktonic Staphylococcus aureus and pre-formed synovial fluid aggregates compared with intraarticular concentrations of intravenous vancomycin alone in vitro
  • The higher concentration of antibiotics from local release together with combination antibiotics therapy greatly enhances the killing of S. aureus in vitro whether in single cell or biofilm-like aggregate form

Biocomposites’ symposium is to be livestreamed on 13 October and is entitled: “Local antibiotic delivery – a convincing concept for osteomyelitis, bone and soft tissue infection management” with Dr. Yvonne Achermann, Consultant in Orthopaedic Infections, and Mr. Robert Morley, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, speaking on ‘A clinical perspective of calcium sulphate use in orthopaedic patients’ and ‘STIMULAN as a suitable carrier of antibiotics’, respectively.

Mr. Robert Morley, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, said: “As a carrier of antibiotics, STIMULAN offers an alternative route to overcome some of the limitations of administering antibiotics systemically, including the risk of drug side effects, systemic toxicity, prolonged hospital admission and cost. Dr. Yvonne Achermann and I look forward to speaking on the merits of local antibiotic delivery in managing infection at this upcoming industry meeting.”

Michael Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomposites, added: “EBJIS is an important annual event at which surgeons, podiatrists and scientists catch up on the latest information in the field of bone and joint infection treatment. We are pleased to be hosting a symposium with two leading clinicians and to once again be presenting cutting-edge data at the meeting which demonstrates the considerable benefits of STIMULAN in improving outcomes for periprosthetic joint infection patients.”
Details of Biocomposites’ symposium and the abstract accepted at the EBJIS Annual Meeting are listed below:

Presenters: Mr. Rob Morley1 and PD Dr. med. Yvonne Achermann2
Title: Local antibiotic delivery – a convincing concept for osteomyelitis, bone and soft tissue infection management
Location: Plenary Room: San Francisco
Date & Time: Friday, 13 October 2023 at 12:35-13:35 CET

1 Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS FT and Independent Health Group
2 Spital Zollikerberg

Poster Presentation
Abstract: Vancomycin and gentamicin loaded STIMULAN beads are more effective at killing S. aureus synovial fluid biofilm-like aggregates than intraarticular concentrations of IV vancomycin alone in-vitro
Authors: A Staats1, D Sindledecker1, P A Laycock2, S Aiken2, P Stoodley1, B Price2
1 Ohio State University, United States
2 Biocomposites Ltd, Keele, United Kingdom

STIMULAN® is used by surgeons throughout the world as part of their infection management strategy. When mixed with antibiotics, STIMULAN® offers unrivalled flexibility to allow surgeons to use their chosen antibiotics at patient-specific concentration levels – lowering rates of reinfection, decreasing hospital readmissions and significantly improving patient outcomes.
Already used globally in over 80,000 cases every year and in thousands of hospitals around the world, STIMULAN® is the only calcium matrix antibiotic carrier approved for use in bone and soft tissue in EU, UK, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

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Biocomposites is an international medical device company that engineers, manufactures and markets world leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue. Based in Keele, UK, it has global operations across Europe, USA, Canada, China and India. Biocomposites is a world leader in the development of innovative calcium compounds and polymers for surgical use. Its products regenerate bone and target infection risks across a variety of specialties, including musculoskeletal infection, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot and ankle, podiatry and sports injuries. Biocomposites products are now used in over 1 million procedures per annum and sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Please visit to learn more.

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