In this retrospective case series, the correlation between wound discharge and infection remission was analysed in 39 patients treated with synthetic high purity calcium sulfate (STIMULAN) for osteoarticular infection. All patients were treated with a staged standardized protocol and placement of calcium sulfate (STIMULAN) beads that were used as a carrier for antibiotics. Discharge from the wound developed in 8 cases on average 6 days after bead implantation, with 4 cases requiring re-debridement. There was no correlation between wound discharge and the type of antibiotic used. In all 39 cases, dissolution of beads was confirmed radiographically at an average of 36 days with no heterotopic ossification being observed. Infection remission was observed in 37 (94.9%) patients. Three patients required re-debridement and antibiotics treatment within six months due to recurrence of infection. In patients with infected non unions 7 of 8 achieved union. The abstract can be read, and the full paper can be obtained here.

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