Calcium sulphate as a drug delivery system in a deep diabetic foot infection

Morley, R., F. Lopez, and F. Webb. Foot (Edinb), 2016. 27: p. 36-40.
Products: STIMULAN®
A clinical case study presenting a patient with type 2 diabetes and a limb threatening foot infection complicated by osteomyelitis. Emergency surgery was required which involved incision and drainage, thorough suction irrigation and packing with STIMULAN beads which were used as a carrier material for vancomycin and gentamicin. Oral antibiotic administration was continued for 8 weeks allowing discharge from hospital. The patient was reviewed twice weekly, and at 3 months both the plantar ulcer and dorsal surgical wound had healed, with full recovery noted at 4 months. At 11 months follow-up the patient remains healed. The outcome demonstrates that STIMULAN when used as a carrier material for antibiotics is an effective adjunct in deep diabetic foot infections. The abstract can be read, and the full paper can be obtained here.

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